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7 Subscription Box Services That Your Kids Will Love

Who doesn't like getting a box full of goodies in the mail?! I think that's one of the key reasons the subscription box business has been successful. It's the element of surprise in each box combined with the ease of getting product shipped directly to your home. The subscription box business has become so popular that there is now an Etsy-like platform for it called where anyone can start, sell, and grow their own subscription box business. I've been researching subscription box companies for kid's books and I thought it would be helpful to share with you my findings on what's out there. Here are a few of the ones that stood out to me the most:

They work to find the "hidden gems" of the book world for families to add to their bookshelves.

1- Bookroo finds the books for you eliminating the time and research that goes into looking for books. They combine in-depth reviews, ratings, and feedback from parents, kids, educators, and experts to choose each month's book selections. They work to find the "hidden gems" of the book world for families to add to their bookshelves. Their boxes include board books for newborns- 3 years to chapter books for 7-10 years. Monthly box subscriptions begin at $16.95 for board and picture books and $21.95 for chapter books. Photo credit: @myinjenuity

2- You've got mail kid! Lillypost boxes are a wonderful price point starting at $19.95 per month and the longer you commit the lower the price. You can choose from 3 options: Board books ages 0-3, Picture book box- 4-7 years and a Mixed book box to cater to different reading levels in one household. They purchase excess inventory direct from the book publishers and that is the reason they can offer such a low price on the books. Score! The best thing is Lillypost will donate one book to a charity focused on advancing children's literacy with every box sold. Photo credit: @cassmartel

3- One of my favorite boxes is Book and Bear box. It offers a themed box with a picture book, an animal stuffing kit complete with adoption papers to coordinate with the theme. As of right now, they only offer picture books with different animal themes. There isn't a suggested age range for their box, but the age range for picture books is usually 4-7 years. Price is a bit steep compared to other box subscriptions at $49.49 per box. However it's a very sweet box with a good bonding activity and they do have some special seasonal offerings that it may be worth getting a box or two. Photo credit: @thepetzinmypod

4- Reveal Book Box has the cutest packaging. Your child will know it's for them the minute it arrives. There are 3 options available for kids: Giraffe box for ages 1-3 years, Monkey box for ages 3-6 years old, and the Fox box ages 6-9 years old. Each box comes with 3-4 books which could be board books, picture books, storybooks, and/or activity books. The best thing is each box will save you 50% off retail prices. Pricing starts as low as $16.67 per month and that includes shipping! Plus they will donate one book to a child in need for every Reveal Book box shipped. Photo credit: @whats_madysen_wearing

5- OwlCrateJr. is a monthly subscription box that you may have to wait in line to get one. It sells out often and this month's May box is already sold out. There is a waitlist in case spots open up. So what makes OwlCrateJr. so special? Every themed box is filled with a newly released YA hardcovered book accompanied by a handwritten author's note. Plus 3-5 bookish keepsakes to set the mood such as toys, figures, hats even stuffed animals. OwlCrateJr. is geared towards ages 8-12 and every box is gender-neutral. Pricing starts at $25.99 per box. Photo credit: @dropandgivemenerdy

6- What I love about Literati is that it goes up to age 12. There are 5 clubs broken down by age groups such as Neos for newborns- 3 years and Phoenix for ages 9-12 years. Boxes are shipped out monthly or quarterly. Literati is very nicely priced at $9.95 per shipment (5 books per shipment plus a few goodies) You only pay for the books you love and return the ones you don't want to keep. Books are priced to either match or beat Amazon prices. Photo credit: @literati

7- The Just Like Me Box is based on the foundation of exposing children of color to literature, characters authors, and stories that are reflective of them. Just like me picks are carefully selected to broaden your child's horizons. Each box is $28 per month and will have a higher retail value than the amount paid for that month's subscription. Every month you will receive 2-3 books plus educational activities. Photo credit: @justlikemebox

I decided to go with Literati. It checked all the boxes for me. I have one boy who enjoys picture books and another boy who is all about chapter books. So I liked that they offered a good range of age-appropriate books for both of them. Another nice option is that my boys only keep the books they want and all the others go back. So basically I'm paying for Literati's expert book choices and we decide what we want to keep. Lastly, I liked the fact that I'm not locked into anything and I'm able to choose either monthly or quarterly shipments. My boys are super happy and looking forward to getting their first box. It should arrive in about a week or so. I'll let you know when we receive it and we'll unbox it with all of you! How exciting!

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