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15 Minute Craft:: Simple Floating Candle Centerpiece

One of my favorite things is adding my own decor touches whenever I entertain people at my home. The other night my husband and I were hosting a hospital fundraiser at my home. It was for the hospital's progressive care unit and would help support 20 new hospital beds (so especially needed during this uncertain time of covid). I didn't want to let this excuse to decorate pass by without a little something that I could call my own. So between the kid's homework and shuttling them to their afterschool activities like soccer, tae kwon do, and tutoring. I put together this super simple centerpiece of gold flower branches, floating candles, and some tall clear vases. It took 15 minutes from start to finish! I hope it inspires you to add some of your own touches for your next event.

Choose some florals (colors or metallics are best!). Measure and trim to fit your vase size. Hot glue in place.

Fill with water. Add some floating candles. Light candles.

That's it! Simple and easy.

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