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About Me

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Hi There!

I'm the proud mama of two energetic boys. I'm a happy wife and girlfriend to my sweet husband. I'm also a fur mama to a rescue dog named George. He looks a bit like the television dog, Benji.

In 1997, I founded/designed a handbag line. It later grew into a popular diaper bag and children's accessory company. It is called Bumble Collection and for over twenty years it was sold in retail stores worldwide. 

I'm an avid reader and love a juicy biography and I'm a big fan of true crime novels. 

I'm a born and raised Southern California girl who braved the snowy winter in Boston for three years. I got good at making snow angels.

I have been dreaming up and writing children's short stories since high school. The dreaming and writing continues...xoxo

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Click here for a Q & A to learn more about me. 

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